A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

“Project X, a top secret privately funded project designed to train the ultimate assassins, was recently shut down under government orders. Now, dozens of children trained under the program are orphaned. In order to solve this situation and offer these children a second chance at life, the government has created a special foster program.”

Genre: BL, Romance, Comedy & Action

About: A free visual novel game, featuring two male love interests. Almost 120k words.

Endings: 5 different endings. 2 endings (happy and bittersweet) per love interest, plus a "special" ending (featuring a mysterious third character). Will you go with the sharp-tongued Kazuya or the playful Haruto? Or perhaps, Ren might find a different path?

Story: For seventeen years, Ren has trained to be the perfect killer. Now that Project X has ended, Ren has been relocated to a foster family. In a small and normal town, Ren has made it his next mission to become the perfect normal person. Unfortunately, there’s also bunch of people who wish to kill him along the way.


“I apologize. I am not yet completely acquainted with all the customs of a normal life.”

Ren: 17 years old. Our murderous but naive protagonist. A retired killer-for-hire, Ren’s new goal is to live a normal and simple life.

“I am part of the program that sent you here. It’s my job to make sure you don’t do stupid stuff like starting fires in the garden.”

Haruto: 20 years old. Ren’s supervisor. Haruto is charming, easygoing and a bit of a flirt. He has a habit of showing up at random places at suspiciously convenient times.

"Oh, great, it's you."

Kazuya: 17 years old. Ren’s foster brother. Kazuya has a stubborn, prickly personality. He doesn’t really like Ren, but it’s probably not personal. Kazuya doesn’t like a lot of things.

"Being normal is boring! Trust me, I’d know, I’m the most average person you’ll ever meet!”

Sora: 17 years old. The local delivery boy and Ren’s biggest fan. Bouncing with unstoppable optimism and positive energy, Sora is always eager to offer Ren advice. Often times more bad than good, but hey, at least he's trying.

Shion: Very mysterious. So mysterious he’s even got battle scars.

Chiharu: Even more mysterious. An elegant, but intimidating woman who follows Ren around. 

Writers - Owl & Blummen
Character Art - onboroo
UI Art & Coding - breadpan
Music - creative commons 
BG Art - creative commons

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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Mar 31, 2019
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(238 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsbl-game, Boys' Love, Gay, LGBTQIA, nanoreno, Ren'Py, Slice Of Life, Story Rich, Text based


ProjectPerfectlyNormal-mac.zip 617 MB
ProjectPerfectlyNormal-pc.zip 635 MB

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I really enjoy this game

Kazuya and Ren are so cute together! I love it


I downloaded this game a looong time ago and it's still one of my fave games! I go back to it every few months, and fun fact I tried doing Haruto's route but...every time I end up going for Kazuya instead. I just can't help it- I love his character development and character. Great job!!


Aaa, it means a lot to us that you still like to play it after all this time!💜

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Loved this game. It was such a cute story.I really like the writing and characters.This is so underrated.

Love how Ren changes from seemingly emotionless machine who sees everything as a mission to sweet but li'l bit sassy person who does thing 'cuz he wants to. And that he has two sprites for smiling one with creepy one and one with genuine such nice detail. 

I played only Kazuya's route so can't say much about Haruto but I love the tsundere-boi. He's such a rude little bitch who secretly really soft and tender. And his love for romcoms. Love this boi, love him.

I'm not good with words so just gonna say "Love this game" again.


thank you for all your nice words, you're so kind! ❤️❤️


I...  I couldn't stop reading nor thinking about this game...

This was so good...  O.O

Everything was good.  Don't make me pick.  ^^"


Aw, we're so glad you enjoyed it!


I didn't finish yet, but I'm doing both Haruto's and Kazuya's endings simultaneously. At the start, I thought this was some sort of happy-looking yandere game, but now it looks both like a found family and a normal, boundary-respecting romance. I love every character here

Aaa, that means a lot to hear you say that! That's exactly what we were aiming for. :)

I loved this game. I instantly chose Haruto but I'll complete Kazuya's as well. My only wish is that Shion would have eventually come around.

If you play the solo ending, you get too see more of Shion!


This game is of a really high quality and the story is great too! Awesome job.


Thank you!


great and lovely story!!

definitelly worth reading^^

thank you very much for making it and sharing the story! <3


the writing of this game is fantastic, literally made me realize some things...


tysm! it's always fun to hear it gave people some thoughts


sora route when


only in our dreams, sadly :(


Planning a replay of this soon, it's so unique and fun! <3

I hope you enjoy ur replay! :D


this gotta be one of my favorites! i loved all the characters and all the endings were very enjoyable :) 


I downloaded it but have no idea how to get to the game, can you help?

Hi! I'm not sure why you're not able to get to the game? 


Absolutely adored the game! At first, I was sort of discouraged to play it because Ren's design seemed kind of odd, but once I got more into the game, I got used to it, and wow did it not disappoint me! Probably on my top 10 list of VNs.

Thank you for giving it a chance! We're glad you liked it :)


I played this game a long time ago (around half a year) and I LOVED it — especially the soundtrack which was phenomenal— which leads me to my question: are there any plans to release it on YouTube or whatever? 


Hi I'm the programmer for the game, Pan! The music is actually all assets we found online that was creative commons so it was not made by us (we were working with what we had), But thank you so much for playing! I took a lot of time to think about the kind of audio that should play for each moment the writers wrote out and I'm glad it could enrichen your experience


the best game ive ever played, kazuyas route gave me such long lasting impressions! i had to take some time off to play harutos route asadsuas


aww, thank you! 


sora is love sora is life


well said


Hi! I don't know but there is this error in the game while I was playing it, I can't see the convo part when Kazuya decile to Ren's invitation and the error tab pops up leading the game to crash also I can't open it again. But no worries! I can still play the game again by opening back the files. Overall the game is all good, it's the thing that makes me feel off just the relationship with the mentor teacher. But I enjoy the game and interacting with the characters <3

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Re playing it again. I'm really sad Sora doesn't have a route *sob* but overall its still good. I like the character designs and do the plot. Sora is cute *0* im saaad T^T I hope there would be some sort of eater egg xD oh and I also like Kazuya, haha he's a tsun tsun ♡(> ਊ <)♡ dont forget our caring mentor, Haruto.It's really worth of time. Im glad to see Shion's second chance too. Im simping *cough* he's adorable tsun tsun ahhh.  I also love granny, she just remind me of my decreased grandma. Thanks for making this╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯

Do the creator have a plan to create new one? Im just asking

Deleted 1 year ago

ohh, that sound exciting. Thanks (≧▽≦)


I enjoyed this game very much~, Haruto being my fav route (although 17 and 20 and the mentor-student thing put me off a bit, their relationship feels so genuine, and after "the talk" it just shows such a healthy relationship it makes me gush inside~~~)

Thank you for making it! It was so comforting and the story is so fluffy it warms my heart. It was very well done and just wanted to show appreciation to this work of art!!!

Thank you! :)

I downloaded it but its hard to navigate thruw all the folders how do I get to the game?

Hi! Sorry this reply is super late, we only check this page every few months unfortunately. Not sure what these folders look like on your end of things? If you could comment with a screenshot or something, we might be able to better guide you.


ahh this game was so good!!! its was so fun seeing ren turn from a stoic robot with no feelings to a human being lol. love him n kazuya together!! 10/10 game :-)

Thank you for the kind words! We're glad you liked it. :)


I really love the writing of this game. If you decide to publish anything else, I'll be one of the first to download it for sure. Thanks for making this :)

Thank you, we appreciate it <3

No android version?

Unfortunately no! We don't really have the budget or time to make one now either. 


free therapy. thanks


I just finished playing the game for the first time and im absolutely in love!

Glad you liked it! :)


I am so in love with this game. (人 •͈ᴗ•͈✿ฺ) Thank you so much for creating it! ♥

Thank you for playing <3


finished the game! it was quite difficult obtaining all the endings but it's amazing nonetheless. i genuinely liked the solo ending with the epilogue of the two brothers! great game <3


this was absolutely beautiful, i'm crying😭 the game is so well written and the characters? amazing, i love them and they're my babies. thank you for creating this<3

We’re so happy you liked it <3 :)


OMG THIS GAME IS BEAUTIFUL I CANT BELIEVE IT kazuyas my fav character btw omg i love this game so much and the music in the background is so beautiful! 11/10 rating. you guys nailed it (:

thanks for playing!! we’re so glad you liked it :D


Loving the game so far! Finished Kazuya's and the solo ending. Will finish Haruto's soon :D

I'm just sad Sora doesn't have a route. He's a cutie who deserves so much more. But I guess he's straight, so. The title screen with his portrait feels a bit misleading tho :'3

Unless-- he's actually a secret route? Owo

Hi! Ty for the comment, hope you'll enjoy Haruto's route too :)

We're afraid Sora isn't a secret route! While it's something we've considered, we unfortunately don't have the motivation, resources or time to write a new route for him. 

Sorry to hear you felt like it was misleading, we hoped the main page makes it clear enough that Kazuya and Haruto are the only romance options! <3

I see! That explains the title screen, lol.

It's sad, but it is how it is :'D 

Thanks for bringing us Kazuya and Haruto though ^w^)/

And for replying! Knowing me, I'd have scour all the options for that non-existent secret route uwu;

Hey there guys! How you guys have been? 👀

this game is so... so... i can't even express how much i love it, honestly.

the writing is impeccable, to the point that there was times that i was holding my breath, expectantly. The story is very immersive, even though it is not exactly focused in self-insert.

the sprites are so, SO pretty. The CGs too. It is easy to fall in love with the characters, and the plot is very interesting and nice to read. I like how it is an slow-burn romance, where Ren and the LIs gradually grow fond of eachother.

Talking about Ren, I love his character development. He discovering how a normal life is, he slowly understanding his feelings. 

This VN is wonderful. marvellous.

I hope that someday yall make another game !! I am sure it would be as amazing as this one.

Congrats for the amazing work. Take care !! <3

Thank you for the long comment, we appreciate it and it makes us really happy to hear you enjoyed the game a lot. <3 


i am the big gay for my brother


I love everything about the game; the story is interesting and the characters has a great personalities in them. I really hope that you will make a sequel to this game, cause i'm curious about Shion. He was very interesting too and i think that giving some more story between the brothers is also great to have. But anyway, i'm just here to say that it's a sweet game and i'm looking forward to see more in the future.


I tried to get this game however every time I install it, it refuses to boot up. I'm not quite sure what the problem is and I think it might be my game file? 

Would you know how I may be able to fix this? If not I'll just try other methods!


We haven't heard of this issue before, sadly. Maybe try to redownload the file again... We hope you can get it to work!

I haven't gotten all of the endings yet (only got Kazuya and Haruto's happy endings) but I gotta say that I love everything about this game! The art, the dialogue, the way the characters are portrayed is so immersive. Haruto is my absolute favorite, but maybe that's just because I see myself in him :'D

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We just posted a game walkthrough! Check out our most recent development log to read it. 


Thank you for making this game! Everything is cute in this game, I enjoy it well!

Thanks! <3


I downloaded the game today on my Mac and when I tried to open the game all that is showed to me is files there was a file named game but I didn't find the game in it and I don't know how to open the game:(

Hi! Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble launching the game. Would you be able to take a screenshot of your issue? It would make it easier for us to help you.

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