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“Project X, a top secret privately funded project designed to train the ultimate assassins, was recently shut down under government orders. Now, dozens of children trained under the program are orphaned. In order to solve this situation and offer these children a second chance at life, the government has created a special foster program.”

Genre: BL, Romance, Comedy & Action

About: A free visual novel game, featuring two male love interests. Almost 120k words.

Endings: 5 different endings. 2 endings (happy and bittersweet) per love interest, plus a "special" ending (featuring a mysterious third character). Will you go with the sharp-tongued Kazuya or the playful Haruto? Or perhaps, Ren might find a different path?

Story: For seventeen years, Ren has trained to be the perfect killer. Now that Project X has ended, Ren has been relocated to a foster family. In a small and normal town, Ren has made it his next mission to become the perfect normal person. Unfortunately, there’s also bunch of people who wish to kill him along the way.


“I apologize. I am not yet completely acquainted with all the customs of a normal life.”

Ren: 17 years old. Our murderous but naive protagonist. A retired killer-for-hire, Ren’s new goal is to live a normal and simple life.

“I am part of the program that sent you here. It’s my job to make sure you don’t do stupid stuff like starting fires in the garden.”

Haruto: 20 years old. Ren’s supervisor. Haruto is charming, easygoing and a bit of a flirt. He has a habit of showing up at random places at suspiciously convenient times.

"Oh, great, it's you."

Kazuya: 17 years old. Ren’s foster brother. Kazuya has a stubborn, prickly personality. He doesn’t really like Ren, but it’s probably not personal. Kazuya doesn’t like a lot of things.

"Being normal is boring! Trust me, I’d know, I’m the most average person you’ll ever meet!”

Sora: 17 years old. The local delivery boy and Ren’s biggest fan. Bouncing with unstoppable optimism and positive energy, Sora is always eager to offer Ren advice. Often times more bad than good, but hey, at least he's trying.

Shion: Very mysterious. So mysterious he’s even got battle scars.

Chiharu: Even more mysterious. An elegant, but intimidating woman who follows Ren around. 

Story Directors/Writers - Owl & Sonnenblummen
Character Art - onboroo
UI Art & Coding - breadpan
Music - creative commons 
BG Art - creative commons

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Would there happen to be any walkthroughs for each ending?


This game is amazing!! Everything about the art to the characters is just wonderful. I'm so glad I found such a rare gem + I look forward to any of your future projects! :D

Can you please port this for android? It seems like an awesome game idea,and I'd like to able to play

I'm afraid we don't have any current plans for an android port, sorry!

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I just love everything about it.They all just so unique and you made them amazingly well. My favourite gotta still be Haruto, not because how he is from first impression and all but spending time with him before I knew it I just loves him so much lmao. I love how Ren can be and how other plots are planned that I find funny and slowly killing me (loving it though). Really enjoyed it. Would recommend.

Also, I notice many people would want a romance route with Sora but tbh I think it's fine the way it is. I think it's nice Sora is like just the buddy-buddy to Ren. Haruto is homosexual, Kazuya is bisexual and Sora is obviously heterosexual. He could like Ren just for exception but then poor Ami she don't have Sora anymore. Either way, I'm fine whichever path it will takes but I'm just fine with how it is so my opinion, things are good as they are but deciding on making one for Sora is fine as well.

I adore this game! :)


I love this game so so much! it's truly a rare gem for me in the indie vn's found in itch.io. The game's story is really simple but well though and well written which I appreciate a lot!! It's not just romance for the sake of romance which is ESPECIALLY rare in the queer side of vn games god it made my heart so full. The art and the music just clicks with the game and hhhh I'm really happy to have found and played this. I'm looking forward to your future works if you ever decide to make more in the future!!

This game was really amazing I am in love with all the characters and how each and everyone of them has their own background story which makes the characters have so much more depth to them.. although I can't seem to get the last CG!! Any tips on that? Thank youuu

Hi, glad to hear you liked it so much! If you can tell us which CGs you have already, we can check which one you're missing and how to get there :)

Oh yea sureeee, I got the two CGs of Haruto and Kazuya, and i got the one where Shion is crying and shouting :D


You should basically be able to get it by always choosing neither Kazuya nor Haruto when possible, the missing CG should be Shion's epilogue :D


I loved the game! The only thing was, I was very  highly disappointed to see that Sora didn't actually have a romantic route! I played through about half of the game planning on going in that direction, only to find out it wasn't an option. It's still an amazing game, that just threw me off so much considering how important he is to Ren's character and the story overall. Nevertheless, this game is still amazing! 

Really nice game, nice story, nice music, nice drawings. Probably the best game I've played in a while.

-Kinda spoilers ahead

I've just played through Haruto's happy ending, and tried getting to the bittersweet ending by changing a few choices and slightly changing the direction. Well, maybe I changed the direction a bit much and got straight to the "special" ending. When I saw that Shion was only 15 my reaction was somehow simillar to Kazuya. Like, how can he be just 15???

We really wanted to have that kind of joke with him looking much more mature than he is :D That was actually one of our first decisions


Holy Crap! Well written, the emotional rollercoaster this game gave me! You cannot imagine how many times I had to stop reading to fangirl or roll aorund my bed because of the fluffs~ 

The cg's and sprites are well drawn. Haruto immediately caught my heart because of his endearing personality,and handsome face, his ending was perfect (honestly became giddy with giggles of how much of a married couple they became, Haruto being the touch-starved,playful husband and Ren being the stern wife or something xD)

Sora is such a precious cinnamon like Ren to me, just so sweet. But what I didn't expect was the fondness I developed for Kazuya! He became so much caring for Ren, it warms my heart. And grandma too, gosh, nice ol' lady, the perfect model for a guadian.

And of course, Ren. Four words:Must. Protect. At. All. Cost.(Even though it goes without saying that he doesn't need it xD) 

Side note: I'm wondering if there's a walkthrough? 

Thank you so much for making this game, definetely one of my favorites.

It's great that you enjoyed it so much :D
There's no walkthrough yet :) If there's a specific ending you want, we can give you a quick tip on how to get it.

Amazing game! Each character gives a different feeling and it's very refreshing going through diferents routes. The concept itself is very interesting and the actions scenes were very well writen, represented their trained skills in taking the enemy in fast and efficient ways than if they were exausting battling like in a shounen anime. My favorite route was Haruto mainly beacuse It seemed Ren had more interactions with all the characters, just my impression though. I like the soundtrack, my only problem is they way the music cuts to switch to another in some scenes specially when in does it multiple times because I couldn't help getting distracted by it. 

Also I would like to inform that in 2 times in Haruto route, when one of the characters left the room, their sprites didn't go away, not sure if It was intended. 

Overall I really liked the playtrhough, it was nice how the interactions were diferent and he shared diferent memories with each one, it sure helps keep interest in getting through every line the game has to offer, and the option to make amends with his brother was a nice touch. The art was also very pretty and the CG's were well done. I'm excited for future games.

Thank you for the compliments! Our artist is also very happy to hear the praise :)


What a great and sweet game! Such an original idea, amazing writing and beautiful music. I absolutely adore all of the characters, they are all just so well written and so interesting. I couldn´t help but feel so sorry for Ren, he really deserves a good life. The "special" ending was definitely my favorite but all the happy endings were super sweet. I am patiently waiting for walkthrough though, I can´t seem to get the bittersweet endings (at least I think I´m getting the happy ones). Also are there any plans for Sora route? He is just such a sweetheart and I love his interactions with Ren, it is such a pity he is not a love interest.


We're very happy that you tried and liked the special ending!
We are considering maybe adding a Sora route since a lot of people want one, but there is no fixed plan for it yet :)

I think the bittersweet ending is when Shion was brought back and afterward nothing happened. For both it's the same, I've tried. I may be wrong but then here shouldn't be other ending than that.

At first, I was very confused how sudden it ends and maybe it's a type of bug.


Wow, that was legitimately one of the best short-sweet games I've played.  I absolutely adored Ren as a main character-he's badass, cool yet oh so innocent.  The love interests were both awesome- Haruto being the suave yet blushing flirt and Kazuya, the tsundere who feels so much. Sora was the ultimate bro who got an arc of his own, and the friendship between Ren and Sora was so cute and heartwarming.  Hell, the family-bonding moments in general- be it with Granny being the perfect mother-figure or Kazuya coming to terms and actually growing to care for Ren, they were heartfelt and made me smile.  As for favorite route, I think I preferred Kazuya, because 1) Tsundere 2) Emotional bonding.  I adored the bonding Kazuya and Ren had- the actual effort Kazuya made to understand Ren- to sympathize and stand by him.  Solid game! Wonderful job! Looking forward to more!

Thank you so much for playing our game and for the sweet comment! We're glad you enjoyed the story and Kazuya's route especially! <3


Walkthrough, please!

We're working on one and will post it soon!

The music is amazing, the story writing great. This game is one of the better visual novels save for one factor.It could definitely use more choices. Apart from that, I'm eagerly awaiting the Sora romance update. 

Thank you for the feedback! We’ll definitely take it into consideration in the future. The game was originally intended for a one-month long game jam, so it was meant to be a lot shorter, hence the long gaps in between the choices. 

If we decide to do a Sora route, we’ll make sure to update you guys here first.

i have downloaded both folders and have opened them an icon does not show up instead when i open the zipped folder i  get access to all the coding 

That’s strange! I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we’re not sure what the issue is. None of us have encountered it on any of our devices. Hopefully, there might be another player who encountered the same issue and knows how to solve it. It might also simply be that your version of Mac is incompatible with the game for some reason, I’m not sure to be honest.

its fine i will just try to download it on another laptop/mac but i am grateful that you at least tried to help

Hope that works! Sorry for the trouble, MAC/ can be a pain sometimes.

i have a mac that has the 4 windows sign

hello i downloaded it on my mac it showed up as a file i  tried downloading both neither worked i couldn't enter the game plz help me with instructions im new to this so some help would be appreciated i will be waitinf for a response  

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Hi! I have a Mac myself, so I’m not 100% sure why the download isn’t working for you. Are you sure you downloaded the MAC file?

Usually, what I do is I download the file, unzip it and then I just have to click the icon for the game. I usually double-click it and press ”open” in the tab that comes up, because the app otherwise says it can’t be opened since it’s not from App Store.

i have already unziped it, itt stayed a folder


Before anything I have to say I have not finished the entire game. I have done the romance routes buy I haven't yet done the other one, although I plan to. I just had to come here and write this.

 I played the demo for this a few weeks ago and was immediately pulled in by the concept of it. Yesterday, while browsing the site I decided to check this game again to see how progress is going. You can not imagine my shock and excitement when I saw that it was out. I immediately cancelled my plans because I just knew I was gonna spend the rest of the day playing it. 

The first route I tried out was Haruto's, because, honestly, he just seemed like such a cutie. To say I loved it would be an understatement. The way he reacts to Ren is so hilariously adorable I was honestly just giggling to myself throughout most scenes. 

Now to be honest, something I did not expect, was for me to like Kazuya. I usually am not a big fan of tsundere characters but shockingly, he ended up being my favorite character. I actually found myself really relating to him and finding a lot of similiarities in our views and behavior. I was scared he was gonna be a total dick, like most tsundere characters are, but he ended up being actually reasonable and nice. 

Now, about Ren. Generally speaking, I am quite picky when it comes to main characters in visual novels. I like unique characters and Ren fit that perfectly. The way he spoke and acted was very amusing, but sad when thinking about the context. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I wanted to hug a main character so badly. All and all, he was an absulute sweetheart and I totally fell in love with him. 

About Shion I honestly can't say that much considering I haven't played the other route yet, but from the limited interactions in the ones I played, I like him quite a lot.

Sora, Chiharu and Granny were very likable and honestly, I know a lot of people are saying this, but I kinda really do wanna see a Sora route haha :). Also, I saw this in a previous comment but if you aren't busy with other projects, you should consider doing some sort of after story. That would be really interesting to see. 

Ok, I'm sorry for the long ass comment haha :) Maybe I should've waited to play the other route too but I just loved these 2 so much I couldn't help myself. 

No worries, we're always happy to read long comments! :) As Kazuya's writer, I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed playing his route! I'm a big fan of tsunderes and I agree it can be annoying when they're mean for no reason.  I wanted to make sure Kazuya had his personal reasons for his behaviour and that he also owns up to it eventually, and I'm happy to see that seems to have worked! I hope you'll enjoy the fifth ending as well. 

And as mentioned before, we'll definitely consider Sora bonus content/extended epilogues/after-stories since there seems to be a lot of interest but only time can tell if we do end up releasing some extra content. If we do, it won't be soon anyway, but we really appreciate the interest and we'll keep you guys posted if it does happen! ✨

I just finished it 100%, and I love it.

I loved the characters, the relationships, and each ending.

Ren is so cute and innocent, and it shows that he is a good person with a pure soul despite his violent past.

Kazuya is the first tsundere that is quite mature and with a righteous soul, I liked his route.

My favorite romance was without a doubt Haruto, he is so cute and handsome, and I always laught that he always try tease Ren for flirt with him but that ended up backwards (Ren is a natural tease XD).

I liked who Chiharu turned out to be, and the type of personality she had, I'd like more interactions of her with Ren.

I didn´t expect Shion, and I liked his ending, I wish there were more details and moments between Ren and him, since I find it adorable as Ren lovingly teases Shion.

Too bad there wasn't an romance with Sora, I love the character, his personality, and looks, though I'm glad he got a girlfriend in the game (Make her a sprite too, please).

And it is impossible not to love grandma, and feel his unconditional family love.

Now, what I didn't like was that there were so few CGs in the game (I would have liked to see a CG in the epilogue at least to see the adult appearances of Ren and his lover, as Shion ending) , and that the art of CG was so different from the art of sprite, not that it was wrong but I like more the art of sprite (This is my personal opinion, surely there are people who preferred CG art).

Now comes what I would like for the future, and what I beg you to do (It is your decision, if you decide to do nothing, I will respect it, and I will continue to love you):

-A romantic route for Sora (I would love to).

-Make a sequel or something that shows the romantic or calm life of Ren and his lover and brother and friends (I would love to see how they have matured).

-Add spicy scenes to the game or sequel or something!!! PLEASE!!! (Sorry for being so perverted, but I really would have liked to read the romantic moments of the characters in their intimate moments, and since Ren who is quite pure naturally would have reacted to it, if you don´t want, I will humbly accept your opinion)

-Make a game or story where Shion is the protagonist and get a partner, because I'm very curious with what kind of lover Shion would end, and how Ren would react to it XD.

And that's it, you deserve 5 stars for the game, I loved it!

Thank you so much for your hard work making the game!



Thank you so much for the detailed comment and all the love haha! :)

We really loved developing Chiharu's character as well, she's quite iconic haha.

A lot of people seem to want to see more of Shion/Sora and this makes the team really happy! Shion and Sora are actually almost my (Kazuya's writer's) favorites. While there's no more content planned yet, there's a lot of interest in them so we'll see! The team has been joking about Shion working as a coffee shop barista in the future, so we'll see - you never know haha. 

Regarding the art: The game was created for a one-month jam originally and because we'd originally intended for the game to be much smaller writing-wise, we only had a few CGs and sprites planned. We hope you still enjoyed the pretty art which is there though!

As for the rest, we'll have to wait and see what the future holds! We've all got separate plans for now, though we're still keeping in contact as good friends / helping each other out on future projects. We might get back to this or develop something else together with this same team in the future, but right now we can't guarantee anything. <3


Ahh the full game did not disappoint as I thought ^^ I loved it so much <3 It was great seeing more of the characters I've grown to like after playing the demo <3 Both love interests are super adorable (tho I have to admit I'm leaning a bit more towards Haruto, especially because of his blushing face... lmao so cute), and Ren is an unique and fun protagonist ^^ 


Ahh I knew Ren and Shion would be somewhat related >< Still I did not expect the Chiharu reveal :0 Her character was kind of hard for me to grasp at first, but I think she was actually neat lol Except for being a big cockblock XD Also I would've loved to see more of Shion's interactions with Ren. I think the non-romantic ending was really nice ^^ Tho tbh I left it for the very end because I still sorta had hope by ignoring Haruto and Kazuya Ren could get with Sora! XD

Haha, there seems to be a lot of people disappointed they didn't get to romance Sora! We hope you still felt satisfied with their friendship scenes. 🙈 I'll make sure to let Haruto's writer Owl know you liked him a lot! Thank you so much for playing and for the detailed comment - it really means a lot to us! 

Definitely satisfied! Seeing Sora stand up for himself and then Ren smiling at him made me soft for theem lol Haha thank you! And no problem, it's only right to let you guys know I adore your game, seen as how much work went into it <3 Congrats on finishing the project, because the end result is great! :D 

Thank you! ^^ 

I mean, there seems to be a lot of Sora fans and we did say we'd consider it if there's a lot of interest, so we'll see! But for now, we're glad you enjoyed PPN as it is. Thank you again so much for playing and for the kind comment!

I actually first found this game and played the demo yesterday, just an hour or two before the full game was released (lucky me haha), and I loved it! I'm really looking forward to playing the full game now, because I was itching (okay I just read this over, and I swear that pun was not intended) to play more last night.

(Fun fact: I didn't actually have an itch.io account before this. I made one just because I really wanted to comment on your game lol)

I'm so excited to see how it all plays out, and how Ren develops in his new life. Keep up the awesome work, and thank you for working so hard! ^^

Thank you!! We really appreciate comments like this and we feel really honored you made an account just to comment here haha. <3 

We hope you'll enjoy the full game as much as you liked the demo and would love to hear your thoughts once you finish it :D

Do you guys know what time you will be uploading the finished product? No rush just wondering.

it should be in the next couple of hours max. Maybe within an hour or two :)

It's out! :)


Is it posssible to romance Sora as ıdk 1 year anniversary special in future?

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I'm afraid we don't currently have any content planned for Sora and after a year of development, we're all kind of focused on moving on to new projects. However, you never know! We might release a short special for him or something one day if a lot of people want it.

I see. Well,let see what future bring then. 

I just finished the demo, and I really really enjoyed it! I already love all the characters and their personalities. I felt for Ren in all the confusion and struggle he experienced with beginning his new life. He's a great protagonist, and I can't wait to see where his story goes! I'm so looking forward to the full game! :)


Ty so much for the kind comment! ✨ Beta testing is almost finished and there’s a few final features we need to polish, but there’s not much time left now until we can release the full game. We’d love to know what you think of it once it’s out! ❤️


You're very welcome! 😄 Yay, that's awesome! I'm so excited to play it, and I'll for sure let you know what I think of the game! 💖

chiharu looks like present mic from my hero academia lol 


Oh my gosh! I am so excited for the full version release! I adore this VN already! The art is amazing, the music is great, the characters are fantastic - good job!!! 

Thanks for the nice compliment <3 We are almost ready with the coding, then all that's left is letting some proofreaders go through it before we can release it :)

Hello! I played the demo and I absolutely loved it! Ren's struggles are so tangible and fun to watch. I'm very interested in playing the full game! Is there a release date yet? Thanks :)

Glad you enjoyed playing and you liked Ren! We’re about to start beta testing soon, so we should have a more concrete idea of when we’ll be able to release the game soon. It’ll definitely be out this Summer though, we’ll keep you guys posted when we’ve got a more concrete release date ^^ 


I loved this sooo much!! Ren's character made me sit through all of this with a goofy smile on my face lol all the characters are so awesome, and Haruto is absolutely adorable whenever he gets embarassed lmao I'll definitely play the full game as soon as it's out!! I'm so happy to see it's going to be free as well <3

Thanks for the praise! It shouldn't be that long anymore until we are done :)

So excited!! :D good luck guys!


I played the demo yesterday and simply loved it! Ren has his own personality and I really like that in a VN, the art is nice and the history has a nice concept, can't wait to play it! Keep up the good work!


Glad you enjoyed it! ❤️ We’re excited to release the full version as soon as we can. :)

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This...Is the reason why I live... (Too much? Well, I don't care cause dis game is gooodd) So excited for the full release, honestly.I just love the story and how adorable our main is x3

Thank you! We’re really happy you enjoyed the demo a lot :) We hope you’ll enjoy the full version too! ❤️


Will there be any ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) scenes, or is it all fluff?

All fluff. No rated scenes for this one :)


Will game cost any money?

It will be free! We might open it to donations, but that would be optional :)

Thanks goodnness... :) By the way,ı hope this and (if there will be) your other projects will turn out good.

Thank you for your support! :D

This game it's so good...

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the demo. 

I loved playing this game. I'm 70% sure that you used Ghibli soundtracks? I apologize if I'm wrong haha.

Thank you for the support! We’re using royalty free music, full credits will be available in the next release. Unless anyone uploaded Ghibli as CC, it shouldn’t be Ghibli soundtracks, but we will take a look at that to make sure.❤️ Hope you’ll enjoy the final version as well once it’s out!