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“Project X, a top secret privately funded project designed to train the ultimate assassins, was recently shut down under government orders. Now, dozens of children trained under the program are orphaned. In order to solve this situation and offer these children a second chance at life, the government has created a special foster program.”

Genre: BL, Romance, Comedy & Action

About: This is a short Nanoreno 2019 visual novel, currently estimated to be around 40k to 50k words. We plan to release the full game by the end of March / early April.

Endings: 5 different endings. 2 endings (happy and bittersweet) per love interest. Choose between the sharp-tongued Kazuya or playful Haruto! Or perhaps you would prefer for Ren to go solo?

Story: For seventeen years, Ren has trained to be the perfect killer. Now that Project X has ended, Ren has been relocated to a foster family. In a small town, Ren has made it his next mission to become the perfect normal person. Unfortunately, there’s a bunch of people who wish to kill him along the way.


“I apologize. I am not yet completely acquainted with all the customs of a normal life.”

Ren: 17 years old. Our murderous but naive protagonist. A retired killer-for-hire, Ren’s new goal is to live a normal and simple life.

“I am part of the program that sent you here. It’s my job to make sure you don’t do stupid stuff like starting fires in the garden.”

Haruto: 20 years old. Ren’s supervisor. Haruto is charming, easygoing and a bit of a flirt. He has a habit of showing up at random places at suspiciously convenient times.

"Oh, great, it's you."

Kazuya: 17 years old. Ren’s foster brother. Kazuya has a stubborn, prickly personality. He doesn’t really like Ren, but it’s probably not personal, Kazuya doesn’t like a lot of things.

"Being normal is boring! Trust me, I’d know, I’m the most average person you’ll ever meet!”

Sora: 17 years old. The local delivery boy and Ren’s biggest fan. Bouncing with unstoppable optimism and positive energy, Sora is always eager to offer Ren advice. Often times more bad than good, but he's trying.

Shion: Very mysterious. So mysterious he’s even got battle scars.

Chiharu: Even more mysterious. An elegant, but intimidating woman who follows Ren around. 

Granny: Ren's foster grandma. A kind but stubborn older lady, she wants nothing more than happiness for her two grandchildren.

Story Directors/Writers - Melli & Sonnenblummen
Character Art - onboroo
UI Art & Coding - breadpan
Music - creative commons 
BG Art - creative commons

Writing: 35k+ words
Chara Art: 4 out of 7 sprites
CG Art: ???
GUI Art: Halfway there

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